Get Business

  • Game Cateogry: Board Game
  • Game Topic: Negotiation Skills , Strategic Thinking, Decision Making Adaptability
  • Number of Games: 1



Enter the competitive world of entrepreneurship with "Get Business", where your negotiation skills are the key to building a thriving business empire. In this dynamic board game, players become ambitious entrepreneurs striving to achieve specific business milestones, represented by target cards, and accumulate points to outshine their rivals. Engage in strategic negotiations, make shrewd deals, and collect shop cards to expand your enterprise. With every interaction and decision influencing the game's outcome, "Get Business" offers a thrilling and educational experience that hones your strategic thinking and negotiation prowess, making it perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.

Learning Outcome

- Negotiation Skills 
- Strategic Thinking
- Decision Making
- Adaptability